This Series is a great choice for both those just getting into roof top tent camping and those looking for simple refinement. By popular demand, the Telescope Ladder is now included so you may climb with confidence. Ready for irregular terrain, the telescoping rungs can easily adapt to different deployment heights. At the top of the ladder you’ll meet a 3 inch thick mattress protected by a washable Mattress Cover which can stay in your tent permanently. While getting comfortable, you’ll be supported by a light-weight yet reliable floor fortified by aluminum box tubing and foam insulation. From the floor pops up the Tent Body, made of 280 gram poly-cotton rip-stop fabric that has a normal nylon tent feel like a paper bag. Crowning the Tent Body you’ll find the Rain Fly permanently attached with integrated Stargazer Windows that let you enjoy the sky whatever the weather. Alongside the Rain Fly, the Tent Windows can be propped up for a panoramic view by handy dandy Spring Rods, now designed with a “V” that redirects water drops away from the tent. Also included are nifty Roll-Up Straps which allow you to roll-up & strap the Travel Cover up & out of the way for vehicle access. Once you’re finally away for the night, both doors, windows & stargazers offer independent canvas & mesh flaps which can be zipped open or closed as you see fit. Whether you’re creating shelter from the storm, private sanctuary or strategic ventilation, you’ll have an exponential amount of options. Don’t forget the Annex which comes standard with every tent except the Bachelor. Once your tent has been deployed, you can attach even more 280 gram rip-strop canvas to your rig-fort. This practically doubles your tent space for extra company, storage & so many activities. On the Extended Fly, each 3 entrances of the Annex have independent canvas & mesh doors and 1 canvas flap for vehicle access. The Standard Fly contains 2 mesh doors on both sides of the Annex Room. Then consider the removable floor made of the same durable material as the travel cover so you can have sealed safe space or a quick kitchen. If you choose the Standard Fly Style, all of this will be tucked behind the ladder for a separate private space. While on the other hand, the Extended Fly Style will allow the annex to completely enclose the ladder for your own personal privacy. Even without the Annex, the Extended Fly, supported by an additional aluminum pole, comes out & over the ladder to keep your porch protected. The included Overhang Brace will keep the Extended Vestibule taut; preventing water from pooling. While the Extended option offers more shelter, the Standard Fly shines when you want it quick, cool & open. Without the additional aluminum pole, deployment time is shortened. Without the Overhang, the view & ventilation is greater. Our condolences to the indecisive.

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