For those who prefer ease without forfeiting security, please meet the Mt. Baker. Undo some straps. Pop up the lid. Get comfortable. Forgive me for going on. The Clamshell design of the Mt. Baker not only opens quicker, but offers greater resiliency as well. Though you’ll lose some headroom, having one end of the lid attached to the floor & 2 struts instead of 4, you’ll gain structural integrity. Plus, the triangular shape of the Clamshell is naturally better at deflecting wind & rain. The interior is then equipped with a ceiling net plus a portable pocket system that can be placed in different locations so you’ll have plenty of options for tucking your stuff out of the way. On top of that is a plush quilted ceiling liner to keep you insulated. Below all that is an Anti-Condensation Mat to keep moisture out of your mattress & evaporating out of your tent. The Hard Shell is constructed with a poly/fiberglass for a smooth, glossy yet strong finish that stands out & holds up. The Tent Body is made with a 280G Rip-Stop Fabric, proven to be breathable & water-resistant. With a sleeping space comparable to a full-sized bed, these Hard Shell tents make a perfect nest for any couple.

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